Welcome, welcome & welcome

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Hey! Did I say welcome already? Glad you’re here.

So, about blogging: three things moved me to start doing it.

Number one, I’ve been turning in essays during my Portuguese classes, every week. Right now I’m on vacation and feeling the writing bug.

Number two, learning. For me, experience and explaining are the best roads to learning. We all get experience, living and working, everyday. Sometimes we can choose what or where, sometimes not. But explaining is more deliberate. I found that explaining things to myself, in as simple words as I can manage, is the most powerful way of learning.

I began writing about things I found interesting, I think it’ll be mostly about data and databases, things I deal in my work.

As for number three, over the years I’ve benefited so much from other people’s blogs that I now feel indebted. Hopefully I can give back something here.

Does the internet need another blog? I don’t know. But for me, so far, the effort has been worthwhile, and I hope this maybe can help somebody else.